Old OCS removal from Lync or Skype Farm

Part 1 – remove OCS CWA trusted application:


Remove-CsTrustedApplication -Identity <OCSFQDN>/urn:application:<OCS01>

Remove-CsTrustedApplication -Identity <OCSFQDN>/urn:application:<OCS02>

Remove-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity <OCSFQDN>

If fail remove via the Topology Builder

Part 2 – remove other object associated with OCS, if possible:


Remove conference endpoints associated with old OCS server:


Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint -Identity “sip:RtcApplication-29217c6d-6c09-408b-8b04-f5e12435363c@Domain.com”

Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint -Identity “sip:RtcApplication-07e45220-2b42-42c9-93ae-8b3ab3db619c@Domain.com”


Remove conference directory:


Remove-CsConferenceDirectory -Identity 3 -Force


Part 3 – remove BackCompatSite from topology:


Open Skype for Business topology builder, delete BackCompatSite, publish topology.


Part 4 – any necessary cleanup:


Export all OCS/Lync config data in AD:

Ldifde -f rtc.txt -d “CN=RTCService,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=tgptrading,DC=glb,DC=corp,DC=local” -p subtree -t 3268

Search rtc.txt for references to <OCS server> – delete any via ADSIedit.



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