HP BL460c G9 Bios Settings






Bios 5

bios 6


  1. During boot – Press CTRL-S when prompted to enter the Broadcom NetExtreme NIC configuration screens (use EXC after making each screen to return to previous menu)
    • From the Device list select the first device
    • Select NIC Partition Configuration > PF#2/set
    • Set Personality to FCoE instead of the default Ethernet
    • Press ESC until at Exit Configuration screen and select “Exit and Save Configuration”
    • You will be returned to the device list, where you must select the second interface to be configured
    • Repeat the previous steps to configure the second interface for FCoE <04:00:01>
  2. Some of them will be read only – this is expected. You should end up with at least 2 FC for redundancy






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