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Replacing Lync Edge server in Lync 2010 Farm

Lync Edge server replacement or removal Follow the steps below.   Browse to <Office Location> > Lync Server 2010 > Standard Edition Front End Servers > <ServerName>. Right-click, Edit Properties. Under “Associate Edge pool..”, change to <Active Edge> Under <Office Location> > Lync Server 2010 > Edge pools, delete suksh-pwd-led01.   Wait/confirm replication.   On <Removed…

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Old OCS removal from Lync or Skype Farm

Part 1 – remove OCS CWA trusted application:   Remove-CsTrustedApplication -Identity <OCSFQDN>/urn:application:<OCS01> Remove-CsTrustedApplication -Identity <OCSFQDN>/urn:application:<OCS02> Remove-CsTrustedApplicationPool -Identity <OCSFQDN> If fail remove via the Topology Builder Part 2 – remove other object associated with OCS, if possible:   Remove conference endpoints associated with old OCS server:   Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint -Identity “” Remove-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint -Identity “”   Remove conference…

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Removing Public Providers from Skype For Business

Remove old AOL & Yahoo public providers    Remove-CsPublicProvider -Identity “Yahoo!” Remove-CsPublicProvider -Identity “AOL”   Recreate Skype public provider (as per[] )   Remove-CsPublicProvider -Identity “Skype”   New-CsPublicProvider -Identity Skype -ProxyFqdn -IconUrl[] -NameDecorationRoutingDomain -NameDecorationExcludedDomainList “,,,” -Enabled $true -EnableSkypeIdRouting $true -EnableSkypeDirectorySearch $true

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